Alexander Yurievich Potekhin - Affiliated researcher

Doctor of science, eesearcher in the Department of Ttheoretical astrophysics at the Ioffe Institute and Pulkovo Observatory, Russia.

  • Dates of stay: 2016 - 2019
  • Research project: long-term project which consists on:

  • derivation of theoretical models of the state equation of matter called Warm Dense Matter in order to better understand the properties of said matter under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure (millions of degrees, millions of bars, tens to thousands of g cm -3)
  • testing these models through experiments now accessible with so-called high-power lasers developed more particularly in France (Megajoule "LMJ" laser, operational since December 2015; PetaWatt Aquitaine Laser "PETAL" project, operational in 2018) allowing access to these conditions
  • application of these models of equations of state to stellar and planetary interiors, interiors of solar and extrasolar gaseous planets, such as Jupiter and Saturn, to so-called compact objects, white dwarfs and neutron stars

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