An effective duo against cancer

Publication of Laboratoire de chimie in Chemistry: A European Journal on June 5, 2019.

A "Multi-Heavy-Atom" Approach toward Biphotonic Photosensitizers with Improved Singlet Oxygen Generation Properties.

Abstract: Towards improved lanthanide complexes for two-photon mediated singlet oxygen production: The very large inter-system crossing efficiency results from the combination and interplay of bromine atom substituents, placed along the --conjugated antenna, and a heavy rare-earth element coordinated to a central TACN ligand. Two-photon activated singlet oxygen generation leads to tumor cell death, which illustrates the potential of this new class of compounds as theragnostic agents.

Source: A "Multi-Heavy-Atom" Approach Towards Biphotonic Photosensitizers With Improved Singlet Oxygen Generation Properties . Margaux Galland, Tangui Le Bahers, Akos Banyasz, Noëlle Lascoux, Alain Duperray, Alexei Grichine, Raphaël Tripier, Yannick Guyot, Marie Maynadier, Christophe Nguyen, Magali Gary-Bobo, Chantal Andraud, Cyrille Monnereau et Olivier Maury. Chemistry: A European Journal, juin 2019. DOI: 10.1002/chem.201901890

ENS de Lyon researcher
Olivier Maury