Appointment of Aix-Marseille Université vice-presidents

Following Éric Berton’s election on January 9 as president of Aix-Marseille Université for his second term, the Board of Directors met on Thursday 1er February 2024, to appoint the vice-presidents of the Board of Directors, the Training and University Life Committee and the Research Committee.

They are :

- Maryline Crivello, appointed Vice-President in charge of the Board of Directors - Sophie de Cacqueray, appointed Vice-President in charge of Education - Stefan Enoch, appointed Vice-President in charge of Research.

The meeting also saw the appointment of the University’s functional and delegated vice-presidents. You can find the updated organization chart, including the new governance team, on this page.

The choice of student vice-president will be submitted to the Academic Council for approval at its meeting on February 20.

About Aix-Marseille Université
A leading university at the heart of the Mediterranean, Aix-Marseille Université (AMU) is home to 80,000 students and nearly 8,000 staff on 5 international-standard campuses. Its A*Midex university foundation contributes to the development of a world-class interdisciplinary higher education and research cluster. Known as a "research-intensive university", it is home to 122 research facilities, 23 graduate schools and some 50 technology platforms linked to major national organizations. A responsible and committed university, Aix-Marseille Université is recognized in international rankings for its social and societal impact, as well as for its driving role in innovation and entrepreneurship in the region.