Appointment of Yanick RICARD as Provisional Administrator

By order of the Minister of Higher Education and Research, dated July 21, 2022, Yanick Ricard has been appointed administrator of the École normale supérieure de Lyon, as of September 1 and until the new President of the institution takes office.

Yanick Ricard was previously Vice-President of Research (2014-2019), taking up the position once again on January 1, 2022). An alumnus of Saint-Cloud (1978-1982), he has an interdisciplinary background in Earth Sciences. After working at the Université d’Orsay and then at the École normale supérieure de Paris, he joined ENS de Lyon in 1994.

Director of research at the CNRS, he directed the School’s Earth Sciences Laboratory (ENS de Lyon-UCBL-CNRS). His research focuses on the Earth’s interior and solid planets.

Yanick Ricard has been an editor for several Earth Science journals. He has spent long periods at the universities of Bologna, Berkeley and Yale. In 2000, he received, among other distinctions, the CNRS silver medal.

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