Charles Louis-Sidois, visiting professor at the Center for Economic Research on Governance, Inequality and Conflict

Assistant Professor in Economics, Vienna University of Economics and Business
Visiting Professor 2022-23 - June 1st to 28, 2023
Inviting Researcher: Mathieu Couttenier Charles-Louis Sidois is a young researcher, having defended his thesis in 2018. He already has 4 publications to his credit in top international economics journals. His research interests include political economy, public economics, microeconomics and media economics.


  • 2014-2018 Phd Economics, Sciences Po. Supervisor: Emeric Henry
  • 2016-2017 Visiting scholar, Princeton University. Host: Roland Bénabou


  • Coalition Theory Network Annual Workshop, Moscow, May 2016
  • Annual Conference Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics, Paris, June 2016
  • Annual Media Economics Workshop, Braga, October 2019

The arrival of Charles Louis-Sidois is part of the Economics Department’s drive to strengthen scientific collaboration in the fields of political economy and media economics. His arrival is a significant asset for the current team, and will provide the basis for future collaborations. Prof. Louis-Sidois approaches the question of political economy and the media through rich theoretical models that will be a perfect complement to the current work of three researchers in the Department of Economics and the Center for Economic Research on Governance, Inequality and Conflict: Sophie Hatte (Assistant professor), Julieta Peveri (Post-doc) and Mathieu Couttenier (Professor). In addition, two doctoral students working in political economy, Lucile Laugerette and Joseph Enguehard, will find in their interactions with Charles Louis-Sidois a field conducive to a significant improvement in their thesis work.

Questions about how the media work and the impact they have are particularly relevant in the current context of media concentration in the hands of large groups, the growing presence of social networks, and the role played by the media in many recent elections. A better understanding of these issues is needed through the use of different tools, both theoretical (Charles Louis-Sidois) and empirical with the use of high-frequency data (Sophie Hatte, Julieta Peveri and Mathieu Couttenier), combined with modern tools of causal statistical inference. prof. Louis-Sidois’ arrival is part of this approach and will pave the way for ambitious joint projects.

Charles Louis-Sidois will participate in scientific activities: external seminars, internal seminars and PhD meetings.
He will present a recent work during an internal seminar, and will also make a presentation of his work to the students of the Master in Economics.

The second week of June will see a workshop organized by Sophie Hatte and Julieta Peveri on the role of the media on voting behavior and the behavior of politicians. Prof. Louis-Sidois’ presence at this event will be particularly valuable.
  • "Voting and contributing when the group is watching", American Economic Journal: Microeconomics (2020), joint with Emeric Henry (Sciences Po)
  • "Military Service and Political Behavior: Evidence from France", European Economic Review 122 (2020): 103364, joint with Etienne Fize (Sciences Po)
  • "Fronde 2.0: French legislators on Twitter", Revue française de science politique 2019, joint with Florence Nocca (Sciences Po)
  • Working paper - "Collusion-Proof vote buying", joint with Leon Musolff (Princeton), Theoretical Economics (revised and resubmit)
  • Working paper - "Silence the Media or the Story? Theory and Evidence of Media capture", European Economic Review, joint with Elisa Mougin (Sciences Po)