Culture DCS Invitations - Majorettes by MickaŽl Phelippeau

Le Zef - ScŤne nationale de Marseille invites* AMU students to discover MickaŽl Phelippeau’s Majorette on Friday December 8.

For this new creation, MickaŽl Phelippeau explores his childhood dream by choreographing the world of majorettes. Fascinated by the mastery of gestures and the aestheticism of this practice, which combines the rigor of a quasi-military parade with parade costumes, the choreographer invites the women’s collective Major’s Girls from Montpellier to the stage. Laure, Josy, Isabelle, Myriam and Martine... Made up of a dozen women with an average age of 60, this troupe has been pounding the pavement in France and beyond for over forty years.

+ infos :­23-24/majo­rettes-794

Meet the choreographer on site at 6:30 p.m. for a reception and welcome drink.
*places limited


Practical info :
Friday December 8 - 8pm
LE ZEF - scŤne nationale de Marseille
Avenue Raimu
13311 Marseille Cedex 14