Dennis Meadows at ENS de Lyon, September 19, 2022

Honorary Doctorate ceremony followed by a conference and a round table discussion in the presence of Jean Jouzel on the challenges of training in the ecological transition.

Dennis Meadows, a systems analyst at MIT in Boston, initiated and co-authored the "Limits to Growth" report submitted in 1972 to the Club of Rome. Published over 50 years ago, this report, based on computer modelling of the world, predicted a socio-ecological tipping point during the 21st century. This global warning, based on scientific reasoning, was also a founding act of political ecology. The model’s predictions were partly confirmed in 2000 by Graham Turner, ushering in a new century where the theme of global change has become dominant in science. Dennis Meadows has also been heavily involved in education on ecological transition, and he has carried out several projects on the theme of resilience.

In 2022, the environmental issue has become existential and diverse. It is discussed in schools, in the media, in politics and in business, both locally and globally.

On the 50th anniversary of the Meadows report, ENS de Lyon is particularly honored to welcome Dennis Meadows. At a time when everyone, including political decision-makers, citizens, companies, scientists and students, is thinking about which solutions are be implemented to meet the challenges of the ecological transition and its social impacts, this event also testifies to the strategic commitment of our institution in terms of ecological transition, as part of its establishment project and its reflection on the training of students in the challenges they will have to meet.
This event is organized by ENS de Lyon, with the support of the Rhônalpin Institute of Complex Systems (IXXI), the Michel Serres Institute and the Institute of Mathematics for Planet Earth. After talking to students and then teacher-researchers, the ceremony and the conference/debate will be opened to the public. A mandatory registration link will be communicated at the end of August.