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Join us on Wednesday May 15 from 1 to 2 pm for an exciting webinar organized by the DREAM-U research team, entitled "Vivre (bien) ses études à l’université, une autre mesure de la réussite. How can we observe this experience’ How to evaluate it’

Attend the remote seminar with the presentation by Vincent CHUPIN, doctoral candidate in the NCU NeptUNe project at the University of Nantes :

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On the agenda for this seminar: understanding the factors that determine a student’s failure or success at university often leaves aside the issue of the student’s experience throughout his or her course (Dupont et al., 2015; Michaut, 2017). Yet, understanding what is at stake in the fact of living well one’s studies could inform us on how to better support our students in their academic performance, but also on their mental health issues. How can we qualify this experience’ How can we assess the development of students on their campus over the course of a year’ Based on these questions and a few preliminary elements, we would like to initiate a discussion on how to measure the student experience.

Take part in the online seminar: link to the seminar

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