ERC Starting Grant - Winners 2023

Several researchers from our partner institutions that are hosted at Sorbonne University, are also winners of the ERC Starting Grant 2023.

Thomas Andrillon , researcher at the Brain Institute, for the "SleepingAwake" project, (Sleep intrusions during wakefulness and their cognitive consequences).

Sara Bizzotto, researcher at the Brain Institute, for the "LINMOS" project ( Lineage tracing of the human brain )

Nicolo Accanto, Inserm researcher at the Brain Institute, for the "2P-BRAINSCOPY" project ( A two-photon compound fiberscope to study the brain at all spatial and temporal scales )

David Gueorguiev, CNRS researcher at the Intelligent Systems and Robotics Institute (ISIR), for the "TANGO" project ( Computational Modelling of Tangible Objects on Multisensory Interface )

Nancy Paul, CNRS researcher at the Kastler Brossel Laboratory (LKB) for the "PAX" ( AntiProtonic Atom X-ray spectroscopy

Dafni Hadjieconoumou , winner of an ERC Starting Grant initially submitted with the University of Heidelberg (Sorbonne University’s partner in the 4EU+ Alliance 4EU+ ) for the GutSense project, has just joined the Brain Institute.

Vincent Libis, Inserm researcher, winner in 2023 for his "MeDiSyn" ( Scalable Microbial Metabolite Discovery Through Synthetic Biology ) project, will soon be joining le the Computational and Quantitative Biology laboratory (LCQB)

Richard Dorrell , CNRS researcher, winner in 2021 for his project "ChloroMosaic" (Environmental functions of the mosaic proteome of the secondary red chloroplast) will also be joining the LCQB.

  •  The "PECUNIA" project ( Private interests in public functions: Framing a new paradigm of power in the cities of the Roman Empire, from the end of the Republic to Diocletian ) by Anne-Valerie Pont-Boulay, associate professor at UMR Orient et Méditerranée, submitted under the ERC Consolidator Grant 2022 , was funded in summer 2023.
  • The ERC

    The ERC, created by the European Union in 2007, is Europe’s leading research funding agency. The ERC offers four grant programs: Starting Grants, Consolidator Grants, Advanced Grants and Synergy Grants.

    The ERC Starting Grant provides funding for projects carried out by researchers with 2 to 7 years’ experience since their thesis.

    This support enables prize-winners to develop excellent, ground-breaking research at the frontiers of knowledge, with a team of their choice set up for the project. The only selection criterion is scientific excellence.