Event AMIDEX, DREAMU A thematic school on university success and student autonomy, with the DREAM-U

Aix-Marseille Université is organizing a thematic school on academic success and student autonomy. The aim is to bring together specialists to discuss conceptual, methodological and technical advances in this field, using a multidisciplinary approach (psychology, education and training sciences, sociology, etc.). The event will take place from June 13 to 16, 2023 at the Hexagone, on the Luminy campus in Marseille, and will be followed by a debriefing.

Given the broad scope of the topic, we decided to focus the discussions on the subjects investigated by members of the Dream*U* research team, who organized the event:

  • the educational engineer as a success factor
  • representations of student success (Psychology),
  • innovative, empowering learning spaces (Education and Training Sciences)
  • supporting autonomy (Sociology)
  • transforming training into skills (Education and Training Sciences).

These five topics are part of a context of pedagogical innovation in Bachelor’s degree courses. The aim of these institutions is to help students become more autonomous, and thus more successful in their studies and careers. Autonomy is understood as the student’s ability to make his or her own choices, and thus appears as the solution proposed by the public authorities to harmonize the student’s project, institutional requirements and the imperatives of the professional world. The aim of this research school is to create a space for discussion and learning, to analyze new pedagogical practices aimed at the student, the university environment and the link with the socio-economic world, in this transition to an education focused on success and autonomy.

*The DREAM-U project (Dessine ton paRcours vers la rEussite à Aix-Marseille Université), winner of the France 2030 investment program, is one of 6 structuring projects at Aix-Marseille Université that support its strategy of transforming education, research and innovation. Through DREAM-U, AMU aims to promote student success by developing their autonomy. The project is designed to change the architecture of the range of courses on offer by proposing modular curricula and the development of cross-disciplinary teaching, and to strengthen support for students from the moment they join the university through individualized follow-up and mentoring schemes. It continues to transform teaching practices through digital technology and to support teachers in implementing active teaching methods. Finally, DREAM-U continually assesses its impact through quality management and is developing a field-based research program.

More information on the multidisciplinary research school: https: //ecoledreamu.sciencesconf.org/

More information on the DREAM-U project: https: //www.univ-amu.fr/fr/public/pia3-projet-dream-u-0