Event DRI 2023 edition of the AMU PREP’ DAYS: The conferences to prepare you to come to France!

Aix-Marseille University is relaunching the second edition of AMU Prep’ Days, a series of conferences to prepare students for their arrival in France!
Throughout the month of June, these meetings will allow international students to begin their administrative procedures, to meet the Reception team that will accompany them throughout their stay and to exchange with partners who will be present especially for the occasion.

From June 14 to 30, 2023, participate in the conferences organized as part of AMU PREP’ DAYS!

Every year in the spring, international students choose the university where they wish to pursue their studies. This is also the time when they begin their first administrative procedures : applying for a VISA, finding housing, finding out about banking institutions... all aspects that can quickly become complex.
This is why Aix-Marseille University is committed, with its partners, to helping its future students and enabling them to methodically apprehend all the steps they will have to take.

AMU PREP’ DAYS program

This digital program, set up during the last three weeks of June, offers international students a series of six thematic conferences in French every Wednesday and Friday.

Conference 1
June 14, 2023 at 1pm (Paris time)

Lecture 2
June 16, 2023 at 1pm (Paris time)

Conference 3
June 21, 2023 at 1pm (Paris time)

AMU and its territory

Housing at AMU

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Connect via zoom !
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Conference 4
June 23, 2023 at 1pm

Conference 5
June 28, 2023 at 1pm

Conference 6
June 30, 2023 at 1pm

Insurance and health

Banking and welfare

Registration and AMU services

Connect via zoom!
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Connect via zoom!
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This series of conferences will be closed by two Q&A sessions! Connect to the session on July 5th at 1pm(Paris time) in French or on July 7th at 1pm in English(Paris time)!
Link coming soon!

Meet our partners....

This year, the University is working with several partners from the public and private sectors to provide you with more personalized expertise and support!

...Housing during the conference on June 16th at 1pm!

Studapart : Looking for housing is never easy. Our partner Studapart will give you all the useful advices so that the student housing has no more secret for you!

Amastas : Our partner is specialized in cosy studios, two rooms and shared flats. The visit of the property is virtual, the file is completed online, as well as the signature of the lease. The physical inventory of fixtures is done with the manager. Welcome to your home!

...Health and insurance during the conference on June 23rd at 1pm!

CPAM : Meet the team of the Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie to help you with your health care. From the registration on the ameli.fr website to the reimbursement of health acts, including the creation of your personal space, you will know everything about the French health system. Smile, you are insured!

HEYME : The HEYME mutual and insurance company is specially designed for students. Take advantage of their expertise to choose the insurance formula that best suits your needs. Mutual insurance, home insurance, civil liability insurance, HEYME is at the side of students at all times. It’s up to you!

...Social aid during the conference on June 28th at 1pm!

CAF : In France, the "Allocations familiales" branch offers students aid in the form of income supplements, equipment, follow-up and advice, via the network of 101 caisses d’Allocations familiales (Caf). Housing subsidies exist to help students pay their rent. Meet our partner to find out if you are eligible!

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