The 4th SUNRiSE Meeting will take place at the Institut Curie amphitheater Constant Burg (Paris) the 8th and 9th of June 2022 in partnership with Institut Cancer et Immunologie (ICI).

In partnership with the Institut Cancer et Immunologie (Univ. Aix-Marseille) and in presence of an international panel of top researchers in the cancer stem cell field, this will be a great program to follow and an unique opportunity to meet and discuss between peers.

In this edition, we have sought to capture this evolution to make it accessible to as many scientists and physicians interested in tumor heterogeneity. Our interdisciplinary forum will deal with the most recent insights in the CSC field such as metabolic plasticity, CSC maintenance, understanding and targeting tumor heterogeneity, or deciphering the interplay between CSC and tumor microenvi ronment. Leading speakers from prestigious institutions, chosen from among the top international researchers will present and discuss breakthroughs on CSC biology to promote basic and applied re search in the field. This meeting will have a limited number of participants to favo rize intensive two-day discussion on novel topics.

Final program available HERE

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