IDEAL Relive the Talent Development School Launch Seminar

A look back at the launch seminar of the Talent Development School: "Talents and skills: let’s imagine our future!" which took place on October 6, 2022 at the Jardin du Pharo as part of AMU’s IDeAL* structuring project.

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The first seminar of the Talent Development School gathered 87 participants with speakers from private companies and public sector institutions. This day was an opportunity to debate, listen and exchange around two key moments: round tables to get inspiration from best practices in talent management and training as well as collective intelligence workshops organized in the spirit of an idea laboratory.

Thanks to the expertise and diversity of the people present, this event allowed to reinforce and clarify the role of the School of Talent Development in the IDeaL project as a key tool of AMU’s global strategy in terms of skills development.

The IDeAL project (Integration and Development at Aix-Marseille through Learning), winner of the France 2030 investment program , is one of the six structuring projects of Aix-Marseille Université that support its strategy of transformation of training, research and innovation. Through IDeAL, AMU aims to support its talents and unite its community by drawing inspiration from international best practices. The project is based on three complementary programs: the establishment of the CEntre de soutien et de formation aux Données de la REcherche (CEDRE), the creation of a School of Talent Development and the institution of an ambitious site-wide student engagement program. An observatory has been created to support and evaluate interdisciplinarity and interculturality in their implementation.

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