Labeling Calls for projects

We are pleased to announce the winners of "The Call for Projects:

Aix-Marseille, CRFJ and IRMC collaboration in the Mediterranean with the objective of contributing to the structuring of links between the Aix-Marseille University site and the two UMIFRE partners in the Mediterranean.

Multilingualism: Foreign Language Curriculum aiming to promote students’ mastery of languages, facilitate and increase the potential for hosting foreign students on site, and foster international collaborations on the Aix-Marseille University site

Transformation of Training through Research with the objective of transforming the Master’s level training offer by strengthening the link between training and research around one or more reinforcements of Aix-Marseille University.

Interdisciplinarity    with the objective of recognizing and encouraging innovative interdisciplinary approaches in response, in particular, to the scientific and societal issues of today and tomorrow. comes to support the Institutes of establishment of Aix-Marseille in their approach to structuring and leading interdisciplinary communities.

 Incubator of Excellence aiming to strengthen the capacity of teams to respond to national and international calls for projects.