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Mechanical Engineering

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Campus - Mechanical Engineering - 19.05.2021

Event - Mechanical Engineering - 22.04.2021

Mechanical Engineering - Life Sciences - 08.03.2021
CEA-Leti Envisions Widespread Use of LiDAR Systems Based on Integrated Optical Phased Arrays (OPAs)
OPAs with Solid-State Beam Steering Can Reduce the Cost and Size of LiDAR Systems & Improve Performance; Results Reported at Photonics West 2021 -GRENOBLE, France - March 8, 2021 - Taking a criti

Mechanical Engineering - Environment - 06.08.2018
The bark side of the force
The bark side of the force
As the vertical position is unstable—for both trees and humans—mechanisms are needed to offset the effect of gravity.

Mechanical Engineering - Physics - 05.11.2017
Structure and mechanics of aegagropilae fiber network
Fiber networks encompass a wide range of natural and manmade materials. The threads or filaments from which they are formed span a wide range of length scales: from nanometers, as in biological tissues and bundles of carbon nanotubes, to millimeters, as in paper and insulation materials.

Mechanical Engineering - 03.07.2017