Partnership with the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris

Jean-Marc Sauvé, President of the CiuP; Carine Camby, General Delegate of CiuP;

Jean-Marc Sauvé, President of the CiuP; Carine Camby, General Delegate of CiuP; Jean Chambaz, President of Sorbonne University; Claire Stolz, Vice President of Student Life at Sorbonne University

Sorbonne University and the Cité Internationale Universitaire of Paris signed a historic partnership agreement that provides for a 40% increase in the number of housing units reserved at Cité Universitaire de Paris for Sorbonne University students.

A historic partnership

The signing of this agreement is part of the partnership relationship established since 2015. Sorbonne University reserved 170 housing units for its students on the Cité internationale campus. The Cité internationale and Sorbonne University pursue common commitments in favor of the diversity of profiles and disciplines and the reception of international students and researchers. With this new agreement, for a period of five years, 240 housing units will be reserved for Sorbonne University for the beginning of September in 2019 and 2020 and then will increase to 270 lodgings for the following years. These accommodations will be offered first and foremost to Sorbonne University students in exchange programs, Erasmus-type mobility or enrolled in an EIT Digital type program.

The Cité internationale is a real an asset and attracts a number of incoming international students at Sorbonne University

The ability to attract high-level international students and researchers is a major challenge for higher education institutions. In a context of increased international competition, the city’s ability to accommodate these international groups is very important for the universities of Paris.

In order to offer good housing conditions, Sorbonne University has made the choice to offer these international students and researchers in incoming mobility housing at the Cité internationale and at other housing in the Paris area. They have the opportunity to have a unique experience in a growing 34-hectare park that has never ceased to be a school of living together and which, within its 40 homes, promotes exchanges and creation in an international setting. By favoring conviviality, the opportunity to live mutually enriching experiences and to give meaning to its commitment, the Cité internationale represents an asset of attractiveness.

The Cité internationale universitaire de Paris

The Cité Internationale is an exceptional site with 40 houses, most of them founded by patrons or foreign states, arranged in a 34-hectare park. As a private foundation, the Cité has been recognized for its public utility. It is entirely dedicated to hosting students, researchers, top athletes and international artists. Every year it welcomes 12,000 residents, from 140 countries. The Chancellery of the Universities of Paris ensures the representation of the Parisian university owners through the donation of houses. Within each house, the "melting pot" of nationalities and disciplines promotes exchanges and encounters. The Cité Internationale is part of the international outreach policy of the universities of Paris and contributes to the development of academic and scientific mobility. A pioneer in the field of hosting people from abroad, the Cité internationale supports the international policy of higher education and research institutions in the Île-de-France region by welcoming their public to international mobility. It is currently undergoing a phase of historical development that, by 2025 - a century after its creation - will enable to have 10 new houses and to offer 1,800 additional dwellings, adding to the already existing 6,000 homes.

Sorbonne University

Sorbonne University is a world-class research university, presenting the comprehensive disciplinary range of arts, humanities, natural sciences, engineering and medicine. The University offers its 55,600 students the best educational opportunities for success, through mono-disciplinary, bi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary programs. With its three main faculties, it offers varied and original opportunities in education and research. Sorbonne University has more than 100 laboratories, with 3,400 professor-researchers and another 3,000 researcher partners from the major French research organizations. In addition to Nobel Prizes and other awards, the university has exceptional trans-disciplinary institutes and is the headquarters for the European Marine Biological Research Centre. The university’s robust innovation ecosystem offers end-to-end transfer capabilities, bringing research results into the market and an entrepreneurial mindset to students and staff. With the National Museum of Natural History, the Compiègne University of Technology, INSEAD, the Paris Boulogne Billancourt Superior Pole and the CIEP, it forms the Sorbonne University Alliance. Sorbonne University is also a long-standing member of EUA, the LERU and UNICA. International co-operation in strategic partnerships enables Sorbonne University students, academics and researchers to increase their exchanges with the rest of the world.

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