Prevention and prevention MEFHLD VEDETTE(S) Queer Theatre November 15 (7pm) Théatre Vitez

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It’s winter, the theater of a provincial town is getting ready to receive a very prominent company for a colorful queer show. While the snow invites itself to the appointment, trapping the set and the actors on the roads, only the main actor arrives safely. He finds himself alone to ensure this performance with the help of local residents recruited at the last minute* to replace the actors at short notice. This improvised troupe has one day to learn its score. The tension rises, because the stakes are enormous.
While the main actor transforms himself under the troubled gaze of the technician, each one takes on his role to give body to troubled figures. The story of this despotic kingdom will not leave anyone indifferent.
This creation denounces the homophobic and totalitarian character of the power in place.

Programming with the support of the Vice Presidency Equality Women-Men and fight against Discriminations.

Théâtre Vitez (Le Cube - Schuman Campus - Aix en Provence)

From the dressing room to the stage