Research INSTITUT-SoMuM ’Crises and the taking of the floor’ - Call for contributions for the first issue of the journal Mutations en Méditerannée (MeM)

"Crises and the taking of the floor" - Call for contributions for the first issue of the journal Mutations en Méditerannée (MeM)

The journal Mutations en Méditerranée (MeM) is a multidisciplinary digital journal in the Humanities and Social Sciences, created by doctoral students of the Institut Sociétés en Mutation en Méditerranée (SoMuM) of Aix-Marseille University, in collaboration with ED 355 (École Doctorale Espace Culture Sociétés) and with the support of twelve research units, CGGG, CNE, DICE, IDEMEC, IMAF, IREMAM, LEST, LPED, MESOPOLHIS, PRISM, TDMAM, TELEMMe. This peer-reviewed academic journal aims to open a publication space for young researchers (PhD students and post-docs). It publishes one online issue per year, in open access and full text (OpenAccess).

The choice of the theme is decided by an editorial board composed of doctoral students among whom an editor-in-chief is proposed for each issue, which he coordinates. Contributions are evaluated by researchers specialized in the proposed topic.

For its first issue, the review Mutations en Méditerranée (MeM) invites you to a reflection on the "Taking and crises of the word". By speech, we mean, in a deliberately broad sense, any expression of thought, in written or oral form.

Starting from the different disciplinary languages of our editorial committee, we propose to take the word as an object. We understand this word in a broad sense, which designates any thought expressed by being interested in the speakers, the mediums and the motives. To speak in times of crisis first of all, to make oneself heard. But are all words the same? Which words are heard? To speak then in the sense of appropriating the word of the other, to take it from him. The word, or rather specific words can be put in crisis. We submit various lines of thought ranging from the Arab uprisings, whose tenth anniversary we are celebrating, to the spaces of speech in mobilizations, from the hierarchy of languages to the hierarchies of discourse, in particular to the place of scientific discourse in society and to the restitution of the words of the investigated in the Human Sciences.

This call for papers is addressed to doctoral and post-doctoral students from any discipline whose proposed article (between 2500 and 5000 signs) would fit into the following axes

  • Hierarchy of languages, a crisis of the word?
  • Researchers’ words: what status in the political and media field?
  • Spaces of speech and social mobilizations
  • Consult the complete call: https: //

    Deadline for the return of article proposals: June 15, 2022

    Call for papers - "Crises and the taking of the floor

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