Research INSTITUT-SoMuM ’Villa Air-Bel in celebration - The program of the event of Lab’Citoyenneté Villa Air-Bel (Saturday, May 7, 2022)

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The association Villa Air-Bel and the Institute Sociétés en Mutation en Méditerranée (SoMuM) organize the day "Villa Air-Bel in celebration" on Saturday, May 7, 2022 at Air Bel, within the framework of the cycle of the International Meetings "Resisting through Art and Culture", co-organized with the Association Varian Fry, France, and under the presidency of Mrs. Consul General of the United States, Kristen K. Grauer.

This event will take place at Air-Bel (11th district of Marseille), in the presence of the participants of the trinational seminar "Youth Exchange", organized by the Mémorial du Camp des Milles, France, in partnership with the Friedland Museum, Germany, and the Krzyzowa Museum, Poland, within the framework of the Franco-German Office for Youth

Official launch of Lab’VAB

On Monday, April 11, 2022, was held the seminar of launching of the Lab’Citoyenneté Villa Air-Bel with its vast network of associative and socio-economic partners of the territory as well as the territorial authorities. Numerous proposals emerged from these fruitful exchanges between institutions of very diverse horizons - social, educational, economic, academic, cultural, institutional - converging towards the same objective: the valorization of the district and its inhabitants through the local history.

A day of exchange and sharing in Air Bel

The day "Villa Air-Bel in celebration" is the first important event of the Lab’Citoyenneté Villa Air-Bel. It combines scientific dissemination, cultural mediation and associative life for the inhabitants of Air-Bel, Marseilles and anyone who is interested in this history.

One of the main missions of Lab’VAB is to make known this particular history and this place (currently a wasteland): the former site of the Villa Air-Bel. This building, now destroyed, was home to surrealist artists who were waiting for their visas to flee to the United States because they were being hunted by the Nazi and Vichy regimes during World War II.
Throughout the day, an urban stroll will take us to discover all the notorious places linked to this high place of the Resistance. This stroll will be punctuated by sports, creative and artistic activities with the themes "Resistance through art" and "Resistance through sport".

The program of the day "Villa Air-Bel in celebration"

Meet at 2:00 pm in the auditorium of the Collège Louis Armand for a seminar led by researchers, professors, students, speakers and participants in the project.

At the end of this hour-long seminar, the public will move to begin the walking tour that will take them through the city, accompanied by a giant rope, a mobile artwork "The Rope" from the Marseille Festival.

The urban walk is organized around three emblematic historical sites: the avenue of plane trees, the Social Center (formerly the house of Doctor Thumin ) and the site of the Villa Air-Bel. On each site, a cultural mediation will take place, led by two students, to present the history of the place to the participants.

Next to the avenue of plane trees, boxing and judo tournaments organized by the Ring Club Valley will take place, on the theme of Resistance through sport.

At the Social Center will be set up various cultural workshops in partnership with associations: the reading space ACELEM , the Radio Frequency Mistral , the Association Sagiterre.

Finally, we will move to the site of the Villa to complete the urban walk.
At 9:15 pm, around the Social Center, will take place the projection of the film: Villa Air Bel, 3D reconstruction, directed by Julien Guyot, in collaboration with Alain Guyot, and Diana Pollin.

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