Social action DIRCOM olloquium on the law, violence and relations between women and men

To fight against all forms of violence and discrimination, Aix-Marseille Université is inaugurating a new structure in France.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

8:30 am
Aix-en-Provence Campus - Faculty of Law and Political Science - Mistral Amphitheatre - 3 av Robert Schuman 13100 Aix-en-Provence

On the occasion of the colloquium on law, violence and relations between women and men, organized by the Faculty of Law and Political Science, the Service for Respect and Equality made its entrance at the university. Given the importance of the phenomenon of violence and discrimination in contemporary society, the university, which is strongly committed to this subject, felt it necessary to improve its existing prevention, reception and support system. Inspired by the University of Montreal’s system, the creation of this new internal service, which is independent, professionalized and unique in France, makes Aix-Marseille Université a pioneer in this field.
A place for listening, preventing, reporting and dealing with situations of violence and discrimination of all kinds, this one-stop shop will offer staff and students comprehensive support for victims and witnesses in a spirit of benevolence and confidentiality. Composed of three newly recruited full-time professional and expert staff, it will work in close collaboration with the university’s internal structures, as well as with external partners such as the Défenseur des Droits, the Maison des Femmes in Marseille, the Maison Départementale de Lutte contre les Discriminations (Departmental Anti-Discrimination Centre) and the Camp des Milles.

During this colloquium, the new system will be presented and the main lines of a fundamental reflection on the law, violence and relations between women and men will be laid out. A large number of answers will be given in a multidisciplinary approach at the confluence of society’s questions. Jurists, doctors, institutional leaders and academics will be invited to cross their views and compare their points of view.