Sorbonne University: ’Continuing construction with a common vision and identity’

Elected in February 2021, Nathalie Drach-Temam talks about her vision and practice of governance in an interview with News Tank.

  • Have a more integrated vision of the budget in real time and establish more solidarity between faculties
  •  Being much more experimental, pushing the envelope and accepting the right to make mistakes in your work
  • A HCÉRES self-assessment phase "extremely important to reaffirm the need for autonomy of universities"
  • The desire to experiment with the first COMP with the government.
  • Carry out an accurate inventory of international activities

These are some of the priorities of Nathalie Drach-Temam, president of Sorbonne University, who spoke during an interview with News Tank, on 10/28/2022.
Elected in February 2021, she looks back on her vision and her practice of governance: a close team of vice-presidents, working to standardize practices and simplify procedures in the administration, regular meetings with unions and increased transparency.

When asked about the UPMC-Paris 4 merger, she said: "The project on which I was elected is to set up an integrated university, to continue construction with a common vision and identity. Our diversity in research and education are assets, there are strong specificities in our three faculties. But there should be a shared approach to the administration and functioning."

Our ambition is still to support fundamental research at the heart of disciplines as well as at the interfaces, and to encourage dialogue between the arts, culture, sciences, engineering, arts, humanities, medicine and society. What we are promoting is putting science back at the heart of democratic debate, placing knowledge at the service of our actions," she says.

Nathalie Drach-Temam Elected President of Sorbonne University