Training INSTITUT-IphU First MaNiTou Summer School on Gravitational Waves

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MaNiTou Summer School - collaboratively organized by scientific communities involved in Gravitational Waves, from 3 French locations in Southern France, namely Marseille, Nice and Toulouse, thus the MaNiTou name for the school. The school will take place Jul 4-8th in Marseille this year, in the Luminy Campus of Aix Marseille Université (CPPM and Hexagone), in the beautiful Calanques National Park. It will be held in English.

Goals of the school
The school will cover the emerging field of gravitational wave detection and of its scientific exploitation. Following their discovery by the LIGO/Virgo consortia, many other gravitational wave detections are expected at the existing and future gravitational antennas. They will open up a new window of exploration, sometimes unique and sometimes complementary to what other messengers such as electromagnetic radiation (radio, IR, visible, UV, X-rays, gamma rays) and neutrinos can reveal of the physics at work in our Universe. The objective of the school is to provide the students with a solid introduction to most aspects of this interdisciplinary field in accelerated expansion :-)

The school is open in priority to Master and PhD students, and also to young or not so young scientists who would like to get better acquainted with Gravitational Waves.

School Programme
GR and GW Theorie (6h) - Simone Speziale (CPT)
Panorama of possible GW sources (1h) - Chris van den Broeck (Utrecht)
GW Data Analysis (3h) - Frédérique Marion (LAPP)
GW Instruments (3h)
- On Earth (LIGO/Virgo, ET) - Jérôme Degallaix (IP2I Lyon)
- In Space (LISA) - Hubert Halloin (APC)
Hands on data (4h) - Simone Mastrogiovanni (OCA)
GW to study the Universe
- Astrophysics (1h30) - Astrid Lamberts (OCA)
- Cosmology (1h30) - Simone Mastrogiovanni (OCA)
- Fondamental Physics (1h30) - Chris van den Broeck (Utrecht)
- Multi-Messager Astronomy (1h30) - Sarah Antier (OCA)
Advanced seminars
- Latest news from LIGO/Virgo (1h) - TBD
- GW and Nuclear Physics (1h) - Jérôme Margueron (IP2I Lyon)
- Pulsar Timing Arrays (PTA) (1h) - Gilles Theureau (LPC2E - Orléans)
- 3-body systems and exoplanets with LISA (1h) - Nicola Tamanini (L2IT)