Training SUL SUL DU-LCF news: 1st semester

* U niversity D iploma in F rench L anguage and C ulture. For more details, see Full-time training .

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1. Important dates

SUL Student Orientation Week September 4th-8th, 2023

  • Students must attend on Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th September 2023

  • Start of classes: Monday, September 11th, 2023
  • All the documents presented during orientation week can be downloaded on the right of this page:
    - AMU and SUL presentation
    - AMU tools
    - Information on CEFR language levels

    2. Schedules and student groups

    All documents will be available in the "Documents to download" section(opposite, on the right of this page), from September 5th, 6pm.

    2.1 Student lists

    The "Liste des étudiants DU S1 2023-2024" presented in alphabetical order, will show you the level and group in which you have been placed.

    2.2 Timetables

    Once you know your language group (in the student list), consult your timetable in the file "SUL-Emplois du temps S1 2023-24 "(available in September 2023).
    ATTENTION: the date is indicated in square brackets [day-month-year] as these timetables are often modified at the beginning of the semester: please consult them regularly.

    You will then need to choose the workshop(s) corresponding to your level.

    2.3 Choosing workshops

    CHOICE OF WORKSHOPS: All students must choose the number of workshops required for their level(see student list):

    • Objective A1: 1 two-hour workshop
    • Objectives A2 and B1: 2 two-hour workshops
    • Objective B1+: 1 two-hour workshop + 1 three-hour workshop
    • Objective B2 and B2+ : 1 two-hour workshop + 2 three-hour workshops

    3. Course news

    All course news will be posted here.
    ATTENTION : Classroom changes will not be posted, so please check the updated timetable before attending.

    4. Other information

    Welcome desk for international students

    Each year, the DRI - Aix-Marseille University’s International Relations Department- offers a welcome desk for international students. This service, available at 5 AMU sites in Aix-en-Provence and Marseille, offers personalized assistance with all the administrative formalities students need to complete on their arrival in France: accommodation, visa, insurance, etc.

    You’ll find all the information you need on the DRI-Welcome desk

    Self-Training and Language Resource Centers

    The CARLAM at SUL provides support for language learning, including French as a foreign language, with self-study resources and tools, as well as personalized guidance from a teacher-tutor and conversation workshops.

    Similar services are offered by the CFAL (Centre de Formation et d’Auto-formation en Langues) on the Schuman-Aix campus.

    Activities at AMU

    SPORT : SUFLE students can register for the sport of their choice with their AMU card. Full details on the Sport-Suaps .
    Registration for sports activities begins in mid-September.

  • AMU mobile application (apps) INST’AMU: Access your ENT (Environnement numérique de travail), receive the latest university news or activities, etc... download from your Google Play or App store.
  • See the DU-LCF (full-time course)

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