University Sport 2017: an exceptional vintage

The year 2016-2017 was a good one for ENS! The School’s teams had excellent results in the university competitions, both regional and national. The sportsmen and women of ENS de Lyon certainly knew how to fly the colors of the École but they are not stopping there. They will start their training in September, not just to get new medals and please their trainers, but also to experience, once more, a wonderful experience as a team.

The success of the women’s football team has been two-fold: they managed to win the very selective "Challenge Centrale", that groups together the top French Engineering schools (Centrale, Mines, Polytechnique...) and were awarded the academic champion title in the 2nd division (eliminating INSA, IEP and Centrale). Fantastic progress for a team who started the university competitions just last year. Their goal, for next season, is to be invited to play in the first regional division.

The girls were in the spotlight this year since the handball team won the 2nd Division Academic Championship after a flawless run: 7 wins out of 7! In the final against the l’École de Santé des Armées (The Army Health Care School), they won by marking an extra goal. This magnificent result confirms their great performance during the Challenge Centrale where the players missed out on a goal in the semi-final, at the last second, against the AgroParisTech team. The handballers are determined to wipe out this disappointment by participating on May 20 and 21, in the TOSS tournament in Paris, organized by Supéléc. The men’s team won the title of academic champion in the 3rd Division: After a clear run in their pool (in particular against Lyon 1 and The Army Health Care School), the handball players of ENS de Lyon won the final by 3 points against the opponents of IEP and Lyon 1.

The basketball team were also very successful this year when they reached second place: they got into the finals of the Challenge Centrale against l’École de Management de Lyon (Lyon School of Management). Then, in the challenging first academic division, they managed to get into the finals against Lyon 3. The future looks bright for the basketball team of the School, that has just formed a second team this year, principally made up of beginners, ready to discover the University competition. As for the more experienced players, they are planning on confronting the French Écoles championship.

This sport has the double characteristic of being played in a mixed team and is self-refereed. The ENS players have shone this year since after a departmental title (against Insa Lyon) and a second regional place (behind INSA Lyon but in front of INP Grenoble), they won a very nice 6th place at the French University championship by beating the Polytechnique. ENS de Lyon also won the ranking named Spirit, that rewards the most fair-play sports team in the competition.

The women volleyball players have become champions of the 2nd Academic division with victories in the final stage against Lyon 1 and Lyon 3. The new 2nd division men’s Volleyball team won 3rd position in the 3rd Division.

The School’s rugby team won their pool with flying colors with a run of impressive victories.

The men’s tennis team won the title of 3rd Division academic champions.

Women’s teams: football, handball, basketball

Ultimate and volleyball teams