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Discipline: Microtechnics
Economics - Nov 17
GRENOBLE and HERY, France - Nov. 17, 2020 - CEA-Leti and Davey Bickford Enaex, a worldwide leader in blasting solutions, have extended their joint laboratory for three years to continue development of innovative radio-frequency communication systems that remotely control networks of high-tech wireless electronic detonators.
Physics - Oct 13

With Ultimate Goal of Improving Virus Knowledge, Team Now Will Use its Optomechanical System to Design a Prototype for Airborne Virus Analysis GRENOBLE, France - Oct.

Physics - Materials Science - Oct 3
Physics - Materials Science

L eti today announced that the European R&D project known as PiezoMAT has developed a pressure-based fingerprint sensor that enables resolution more than twice as high as currently required by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Economics - Computer Science - Oct 3

GRENOBLE, France - 25th June 2019 Alliance to lead the global adoption of technology offering unprecedented wireless communications. Light Communications industries is predicted to be worth billions.

Computer Science - Economics - Jul 1

New consortium to develop a 5G and beyond strategic roadmap for future European connectivity systems and components

Physics - Oct 27

What's new: CEA-Leti today announced a new collaboration with Intel on advanced 3D and packaging technologies for processors to advance chip design. The research will focus on assembly of smaller chiplets, optimizing interconnection technologies between the different elements of microprocessors, and on new bonding and stacking technologies for3D ICs, especially for making high performance computing (HPC) applications.

Innovation - Materials Science - Oct 3
Innovation - Materials Science

The Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), Europe's most innovative research center (Clarivate Analytics 2017), today announces it will host booth #50653 at CEA Tech Village, during CES 2019, in Eureka Park, Sands Expo.

Health - Oct 3

APNEAband, Which Will Be Demonstrated at CES 2018, Also Monitors Mountain Sickness, Dehydration, Dialysis Treatment Response and Epileptic Seizures

Physics - Health - Sep 3
Physics - Health

Clinical Trials Show Higher Spatial Resolution, Less Noise, Fewer Artifacts, And Color Capabilities in Patients' Images - GRENOBLE, France - Sept.

Physics - Campus - Jun 23
Physics - Campus

European H2020 COSMICC Project Breakthroughs 'Will Answer Tremendous Market Needs with a Target Cost per Bit that Traditional Wavelength-Division Multiplexing Transceivers Cannot Meet' - GRENOBLE, France - June 23, 2020 - CEA-Leti today announced the

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