Natural Sciences

Enter the matrixes!

Computer Science

Whether performed by a human or a computer, matrix multiplication is a tedious task. Researchers are battling to reduce the time and number of steps required to solve this type of operation. Excel spreadsheets, climate modeling, simulation of aircraft wing structure, neural network calculations, image processing.

Gaia BH3, the black hole that shouldn’t exist

The recent discovery of a binary system containing an extremely rare object, the most massive black hole (apart from SgrA*) ever detected in our Galaxy, calls into question the models for the formation of these bodies.

Reaching for the Moon for the sake of humanity

Astronomy & Space

The "Sanctuary on the Moon" project, launched nearly ten years ago, aims to send a collection of discs containing a vast body of knowledge and material evidence of human civilisation to the Moon.

Physics - Apr 18

Flow-induced structural reponses of attractive colloidal dispersions

Publication of the Physics Laboratory in the Journal of Rheology on April 11, 2024. In a recent study, a team of scientists led by researchers from the Physics Laboratory of ENS de Lyon (CNRS/ENS de Lyon) focused on the flow-induced responses of colloidal dispersions.