Preventive locust management: humanitarian crises averted

Environment - May 17

A new study, published by scientists from CIRAD and INRAE, provides a state-of-the-art assessment of the risk of Desert Locust invasions in West and North Africa, by analyzing 40 years of field data and climate records. The study reveals that preventive management measures have been successful in countering the favorable effects of climate change on outbreaks of the pest. This finding underlines the crucial importance of preventive management in mitigating the impacts of climate change and its consequences for food security in the region

Health - May 13

Breast cancer: a study evaluates the time it takes to return to work


After how long do women treated for breast cancer return to work? Until now, there has been little national data on this important aspect of the patient's care.

Environment - May 9

Marine Protected Areas: only a third are effective


Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are designed to ensure the long-term conservation of marine ecosystems and the services they provide to human societies;

Health - May 13

Cancer spread: targeting platelets to counter metastasis?

Scanning electron microscopy. Here we see how platelets (in blue/purple) attach to two tumour cells (in red) in a pre-clinical mouse model.

Vulnerability of the placenta to air pollution: what effects on the unborn child’s development?

How does exposure to air pollution affect the proper course of pregnancy and the development of the unborn child' A research team from Inserm and Université Grenoble Alpes investigated the potential effects on placental DNA of exposure to three major airborne pollutants.

Selected Job Offers
Pharmacology - 15.05
Spécialiste – résonance magnétique nucléaire (RMN) Council of Europe EDQM, Strasbourg
Agronomy/Food Science - 06.05
Research Scientist LCA of Food and Nutrition Systems Agroscope, 8046 Zürich
Microtechnics - 22.04
System Engineer (F/H) 100% CSEM, Neuchâtel
Electroengineering - 22.04
CAD Layout R&D Engineer (F/H) 100% CSEM, Neuchâtel
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