Life Sciences - Jan 25

Aedes mosquitoes are the principal vectors of dengue and other arboviruses, including Zika, for which no vaccines or antiviral treatments currently exist. Understanding the factors that influence the transmission of arboviruses from mosquitoes to humans is therefore a priority because it could guide the implementation of public health measures that could limit or even prevent epidemics.

Health - Jan 23

The specific risk factors for the development of Parkinson's disease in women remain little studied and poorly known. Exposure to the hormones involved in female reproductive life is one of the avenues explored at the Epidemiology and Population Health Research Center (CESP) by a research team from Inserm, Université Paris-Saclay, Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines with Institut Gustave Roussy, which compared the reproductive characteristics of nearly 1,200 women with Parkinson's disease with those of other women from the E3N cohort

Health - Jan 17

More than 15,000 packaged products on the French market currently contain nitrites or nitrates. Although commonly used to ensure better preservation of processed meats (ham, sausages, etc.), the safety of these food additives is the subject of debate. Nitrites and nitrates are also naturally found in various foods (particularly vegetables) and in drinking water, but agricultural and industrial practices can increase their levels.

Health - Jan 18

The team from the Human Genetics of Infectious Diseases Laboratory of the Necker-Enfants malades AP-HP Hospital, Inserm, Université Paris Cité within the Imagine Institute, leading the international consortium COVID Human Genetic Effort ( www.

Health - Jan 17

Pressing the gas pedal and lifting the brake at the same time is the innovative idea of Dr. Nicolas Manel, Inserm researcher and team leader at the Institut Curie (Immunity and Cancer Unit - Institut Curie, Inserm) to improve the response to immunotherapies.

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Life Sciences - 19.01
Postdoctoral position in Inflammation and Stromal Immunoregulation Institut Pasteur, Paris
Astronomy/Space Science - 05.01
Internal Research Fellow (PostDoc) in EarthCARE products, algorithms and Cal/Val The European Space Agency (ESA), Esrin, Frascati, ITALY
Life Sciences - 27.01
Technicien microbiologiste (H/F) CNRS, Paris
Life Sciences - 27.01
H/F Technicien Chimie / Microbiologie CNRS, Nancy
Life Sciences - 27.01
Chercheur post doctorant (H/F) CNRS, Lyon
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