Social Sciences - Jun 17
Social Sciences
The loss of a loved one can be a defining moment, even in the animal world. In chimpanzees, for example, individuals whose mothers die when they are young are smaller than their counterparts, reproduce less and are also more likely to die at a young age. But why? To find out, an international research team 1 led by a CNRS researcher 2 studied the shortand long-term effects of maternal loss on the stress levels of orphaned chimpanzees over a 19-year period.
Astronomy - Jun 11

Studying how liquid foams evolve over time is difficult, if not impossible, on Earth because of gravity.

Environment - Jun 3

Scientists have established the most reliable estimates to date of past temperature variations in Antarctic .

Life Sciences - Jun 7
Life Sciences

High elevation snow is home to previously unknown species of microalgae. Scientists have created the ALPALGA consortium to study this ecosystem, which is threatened by climate change.

History - May 27

Since the 1960s, the Jebel Sahaba cemetery (Nile Valley, present-day Sudan) has become the emblem of organised warfare during prehistory.

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