Health - Oct 21
Skin fibrosis impairs skin tissue function, and has a strong aesthetic impact. French researchers have now shown that applying an electric field to the skin could cure skin fibrosis by reducing overly high collagen levels. Collagen, the main component of the skin's extracellular matrix, can cause a pathological condition if it is in excess.
Life Sciences - Oct 20
Life Sciences

The modern horse was domesticated around 2200 years BCE in the northern Caucasus. In the centuries that followed it spread throughout Asia and Europe.

Environment - Oct 13

Whether Venus, one of the Solar System's four terrestrial planets, ever had oceans remains an unsolved puzzle.

Health - Oct 20

Drug addiction is a psychiatric disorder for which no pharmacological treatment with long-term efficacy currently exists.

Astronomy - Oct 7

Images from Perseverance's French-American instrument SuperCam show that the crater where the rover landed once contained a lake.

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