Life Sciences - May 25
Life Sciences
Researchers have demonstrated the role of a non-coding RNA in the development of aggressive tumors, particularly in breast cancer. The study, conducted in collaboration between the Institut Curie, Inserm, CNRS, Institut Paoli Calmettes and Aix-Marseille University , has just been published in the journal Cell .
Chemistry - May 24

Vinyl polymers, commonly referred to as "plastics," are ubiquitous materials. They are extremely interesting for their ease of synthesis and their great diversity in terms of architecture and functionality.

Astronomy - May 12

Within the EHT collaboration, the CNRS and IRAM participated in the creation of a first image of the black hole Sagittarius A*.

Health - May 17

Antibiotic resistance represents a major public health challenge, associated with a high mortality rate.

Life Sciences - May 10
Life Sciences

Half of childhood cancers arise during the development of the human embryo, which greatly complicates research into these diseases.

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Scientific Software Engineer – Time Metrology H/F BUREAU INTERNATIONAL DES POIDS ET MESURES BIPM, SEVRES (92-Ile de France)
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