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Physics - Sep 6
Evanescent Acoustic Beam Moves Suspended Particles at Lower Cost & Energy Consumption Than Existing Propagative Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Systems. CEA-Leti has developed a new acousto-microfluidic technology for manipulating microand nanoscale samples using evanescent sound waves.
Life Sciences - Sep 3
Life Sciences

An international team * led by researchers from INRA and CEA managed to assemble the first sequence of the pea genome.

Environment - Jul 29

Scientists from INRA, CEA, CNRS, CNES and several international universities 1 have quantified - over the 2010-2017 period ' the time changes in the carbon stocks of aboveground vegetation biomass in the tropics.

Environment - Aug 2

Researchers from INRA and CNRS 1 , in collaboration with German, Spanish, English and Canadian teams, have examined the effect of field size and crop diversity on biodiversity in agricultural landscapes.

Life Sciences - Jul 25
Life Sciences

INRA researchers, in collaboration with the University of Adelaide, Australia, studied the effects that a widely used artificial sweetener blend, i.e. acesulfame K-sucralose, has on metabolism.


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Computer Science / Telecom - 10.09.2019
CEA-Leti and Orolia Announce FlexFusion, A Powerful Positioning & Navigation Technology
'Combining Data from Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and Inertial Management Units Ensures Accuracy Even During GNSS Outages ' G RENOBLE, France ' Sept 10th, 2019 ' Leti, a research instit

Innovation / Technology - 03.07.2019
CEA-Leti & Radiall to Design Innovative RF Components for 5G Networks and Photonics Components for Harsh Environments
GRENOBLE, France - June 27, 2019 Common Lab Will Develop Ultra-Low Profile E-Band Antenna for Backhaul/Fronthaul Applications to Speed up Networks' Capacity & Coverage GRENOBLE, France - June 27,

Business / Economics - Innovation / Technology - 25.06.2019
Light Communications Alliance formed by Global Industry Leaders
'GRENOBLE, France ' 25th June 2019 Alliance to lead the global adoption of technology offering unprecedented wireless communications.

Environment - Agronomy / Food Science - 24.05.2019

Environment - 16.05.2019

Physics - 14.05.2019
Leti Develops CMOS Process for High-Performance MicroLEDs That Could Overcome Display-Size Obstacles
Leti Develops CMOS Process for High-Performance MicroLEDs That Could Overcome Display-Size Obstacles
New Concept Creates All-in-One RGB MicroLEDs, Eliminates Several Transfer Steps to Receiving Substrate & Boosts Performance GRENOBLE, France - May 14, 2019 - Leti, a research institute of CEA Tech

Innovation / Technology - Business / Economics - 24.04.2019
SEMI Partners with Powerhouses imec, CEA-Leti and Fraunhofer
SEMI partners with imec, CEA-Leti and Fraunhofer to drive innovation and deepen industry alignment on technology roadmaps and international.standards.

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