History - Sep 25, 2018
At the foot of the hill on which sits the ancient city of Cumae, in the region of Naples, Priscilla Munzi, CNRS researcher at the Jean Bérard Centre (CNRS-EFR), and Jean-Pierre Brun, professor at the Collège de France, are exploring a Roman-era necropolis.
History - Jul 18, 2018

Showcased in museums the world over, Byzantine ceramics are the vestiges of an ancient empire that dominated the Mediterranean region for nearly ten centuries.

History - Jun 12, 2017

From Lesbos to Calais, Idoméni, Lampedusa, Calais, Ventimiglia: The number of camps in Europe in 2015-2016 appears to be the most visible sign of what has been called the "refugee crisis".

History - Mar 5, 2018

The archaeological site of Sedeinga is located in Sudan, a hundred kilometers to the north of the third cataract of the Nile, on the river's western shore.

Media - May 22, 2017

Less than one year after the decoding of the sunflower genome, in-depth analyses of said genome have revealed the hundreds of genes that work together to regulate flowering, and those that are involved in the production of oil.

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