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Politics - Social Sciences - 15.03.2023

Politics - Social Sciences - 01.03.2023
Data mining: Quietly changing our social contract
College selection, highlighted content on social networks, justice and predictive medicine, autonomous vehicles, crowd monitoring.

Politics - 03.01.2023

Politics - 15.12.2022

Politics - 26.09.2022

Environment - Politics - 13.07.2022

Politics - 16.12.2021
Election campaigns and platforms do have an impact on public policy
Election campaigns and platforms do have an impact on public policy
Do election campaigns shape public policy as they are supposed to in a democracy? Do the laws passed during a mandate really address the issues debated during elections? For countries with political

Politics - Innovation - 13.04.2021
Surveillance Culture in 2021
In Asia, the United States, Europe, and all over the world, new surveillance devices are being deployed to enrich the various sectors of our lives.

Politics - 28.02.2021

Politics - 06.12.2017
From Lesbos to Calais: how Europe makes camps
From Lesbos to Calais, Idoméni, Lampedusa, Calais, Ventimiglia: The number of camps in Europe in 2015-2016 appears to be the most visible sign of what has been called the "refugee crisis".

Politics - Social Sciences - 18.04.2017
French Presidential election 2017 under the macroscope
Research labs' collaborative initiatives putting the spotlight on political life With the approach of the presidential elections, researchers are coming together to conduct experiments, and to raise questions about the elections as well as the conduct of electoral campaigns.