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Physics - Jan 27
Publication by Laboratoire de Physique in Physical Review Letters on December 23, 2019. Pattern formation, observed experimentally in a radio-frequency plasma in annular geometry, and characterized by azimuthal symmetry breaking of the plasma parameters, is reported. The azimuthal modulation increases with increasing pressure in the range 1-300 Pa.
Physics - Dec 16, 2019

Gold nanoparticles, which are supposed to be stable in biological environments, can be degraded inside cells.

Physics - Sep 6, 2019

Evanescent Acoustic Beam Moves Suspended Particles at Lower Cost & Energy Consumption Than Existing Propagative Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Systems.

Physics - Dec 11, 2019

'Results Hold promise for Fast, Accurate Single-Shot Readout 'Of Foundry-Compatible Si MOS Spin Qubits' 'SAN FRANCISCO ' Dec. 11, 2019 ' Leti, a technology research institute of CEA Tech, and its research partners have demonstrated a potentially scalable readout technique that could be fast enough for high-fidelity measurements in large arrays of quantum dots.

Innovation - Jun 3, 2019

Project Combines CEA-Leti's Semiconductor Development Expertise and Silvaco's SPICE Simulation and Variability Analysis Technologies.

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