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Computer Science

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Computer Science - 16.12.2019
ANR IA Chairs: two recipients at ENS de Lyon
The 'AI Chairs' aim to offer researchers substantial resources to build a team and carry out an ambitious project whose visible impact is expected. A multi-year program of 40 Chairs in Artificial Intelligence is one of the measures under this research component, which was presented on November 2018 by the Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and the Secretary of State for Digital Technology.

Computer Science - 20.02.2019
CEA-Leti and Stanford Target Edge-Ai Apps with Breakthrough NVM Memory Cell
Paper at ISSCC 2019 Presents Proof-of-Concept Multi-Bit Chip that Overcomes NVM's Read/Write, Latency and Integration Challenges SAN FRANCISCO - Feb. Researchers at CEA-Leti and Stanford University have developed the world's first circuit integrating multiple-bit non-volatile memory (NVM) technology called Resistive RAM (RRAM) with silicon computing units, as well as new memory resiliency features that provide 2.3-times the capacity of existing RRAM.