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Physics - 16.12.2019
What happens to gold nanoparticles in cells?
What happens to gold nanoparticles in cells?
Gold nanoparticles, which are supposed to be stable in biological environments, can be degraded inside cells. This research conducted by teams from the CNRS, l'Université de Paris, Sorbonne Université, and l'Université de Strasbourg will be published in PNAS on December 16 2019, and reveals the ability of cells to metabolize gold, which is nevertheless not essential for their functioning.

Physics - 11.12.2019
CEA-Leti and partners demonstrate potentially scalable readout system for large arrays of quantum dots
'Results Hold promise for Fast, Accurate Single-Shot Readout 'Of Foundry-Compatible Si MOS Spin Qubits' 'SAN FRANCISCO ' Dec. 11, 2019 ' Leti, a technology research institute of CEA Tech, and its research partners have demonstrated a potentially scalable readout technique that could be fast enough for high-fidelity measurements in large arrays of quantum dots.

Physics - 15.10.2019
Observation of the Resonance Frequencies of a Stable Torus of Fluid
Publication by Laboratoire de physique in Physical Review Letters on August 30, 2019. We report the first quantitative measurements of the resonance frequencies of a torus of fluid confined in a horizontal Hele-Shaw cell. By using the unwetting property of a metal liquid, we are able to generate a stable torus of fluid with an arbitrary aspect ratio.

Physics - Music - 06.09.2019
The Force of Sound: CEA-Leti Manipulates Cells & Bacteria Samples Using Non-contact Evanescent Acoustic Tweezers
The Force of Sound: CEA-Leti Manipulates Cells & Bacteria Samples Using Non-contact Evanescent Acoustic Tweezers
Evanescent Acoustic Beam Moves Suspended Particles at Lower Cost & Energy Consumption Than Existing Propagative Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Systems. CEA-Leti has developed a new acousto-microfluidic technology for manipulating microand nanoscale samples using evanescent sound waves. Described in a paper published in the September issue of Nature (Comm.

Innovation - Physics - 03.06.2019
CEA-Leti and Silvaco Team Up!
Project Combines CEA-Leti's Semiconductor Development Expertise and Silvaco's SPICE Simulation and Variability Analysis Technologies LAS VEGAS - June 3, 2019 - Leti, a research institute of CEA-Tech, and Silvaco Inc., a leading global provider of software, IP and services for designing chips and electronic systems for semiconductor companies, today announced, during the 56 th Design Automation Conference (DAC) in Las Vegas, a project to estimate and model the yield of ultra-low-voltage (ULV), ultra-low-leakage (ULL) static random access memory (SRAM) used in computing applications.

Mechanical Engineering - Physics - 01.04.2019
A model for describing the hydrodynamics of crowds
By studying the movement of runners at the start of marathons, researchers from the Laboratoire de physique (CNRS/ENS de Lyon/UCBL) have just shown that the collective movements of these crowds can be described as liquid flows. Their results, published in Science on January 4, 2019, have enabled them to predict how fluctuations in speed and density are transmitted through massive crowds.

Physics - 19.03.2019
Next-Generation, Low-Cost Photo-Acoustic Sensors For Gas Detection And Analysis
Next-Generation, Low-Cost Photo-Acoustic Sensors For Gas Detection And Analysis
REDFINCH Team Achieves These Capabilities in Mid-infrared Region, Where Many Important Chemical and Biological Species Have Strong Absorption Fingerprints GRENOBLE, France - March 19, 2019 - Leti, a research institute of CEA Tech, today announced prototype development of highly miniaturized, portable optical sensors for chemical detection of gas.

Innovation - Physics - 06.02.2019
CEA-Leti combines integrated optics and holography in novel lens-free, augmented reality technology
Leti, an institute of CEA-Tech, has developed a novel retinal-projection concept for augmented reality (AR) uses based on a combination of integrated optics and holography. The lens-free optical system uses disruptive technologies to overcome the limitations of existing AR glasses, such as limited field-of-view and bulky optical systems.

Physics - 05.02.2019
CEA-Leti builds prototype of next-generation mid-infrared optical sensors for portable devices
SAN FRANCISCO - Feb. CEA-Leti today announced it has prototyped a next-generation optical chemical sensor using mid-infrared silicon photonics that can be integrated in smartphones and other portable devices. Coin-size, On-chip Sensors that Combine High Performance and Low Power Consumption Presented in Paper at SPIE Photonics West 2019.