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Research Management - Innovation - 17.07.2024
Europe: ’Basic research should be central to the next Framework Programme’

Research Management - 11.07.2024
ERC Proof of Concept grants - first 2024 winners announced

Research Management - 08.07.2024
Its position paper for the European Union’s future framework program for research and innovation

Research Management - 21.06.2024
QS 2025 - ENS de Lyon affirms the strength of its research and its international recognition

Research Management - Politics - 06.06.2024
’Research reinforces European integration’

Research Management - 29.05.2024
MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships 2024

Research Management - Innovation - 27.05.2024
'Infrastructures are an essential pillar of Europe's research strategy'
’Infrastructures are an essential pillar of Europe’s research strategy’

Event - Research Management - 17.05.2024
CNRS wins the European Gender Equality Prize in the ’advanced’ category

Research Management - 30.04.2024
Boosting industrial biotech in the EU: France to host IBISBA, a research infrastructure managed by INRAE

Research Management - Innovation - 30.04.2024
Exclusive interview with Iliana Ivanova on the future of European research

Research Management - 29.04.2024
Training INSTITUT-SoMuM Publishing, dissemination and open science course - Enhancing the value of my publications while respecting copyright (May 29, 2024)

Environment - Research Management - 26.04.2024
The CNRS is coordinating the ’Climate, Biodiversity, Sustainable Societies’ programme agency
In December 2023, the President of the French Republic announced the launch of seven programme agencies.

Research Management - Physics - 11.04.2024
ERC Advanced Grant 2023 : winners hosted by CNRS

Research Management - Event - 04.04.2024
The CNRS has inaugurated the Maison du CNRS at the University of São Paulo
The CNRS has inaugurated the Maison du CNRS at the University of São Paulo

Research Management - Career - 22.03.2024
Fabien Duveau, recipient of an ERC Consolidator Grant

Research Management - History / Archeology - 21.11.2023
Training INSTITUT-SoMuM The journal Mutations en Méditerranée (MeM) is launched!

Environment - Research Management - 21.11.2023
Official Launch of the Soil Carbon International Research Consortium

Innovation - Research Management - 04.10.2023
Sorbonne University, a world-class player in AI

Research Management - 22.09.2023
The ’Open Science’ MOOC: updated training on scientific integrity

Campus - Research Management - 20.09.2023
From Gerland to Pune, international horizons

Research Management - Event - 18.09.2023
IDEAL Take part in CEDRE’s new webinar - Data quality ?

Career - Research Management - 07.09.2023
ERC Starting Grant - Winners 2023

Environment - Research Management - 29.06.2023
The network of ENS in France and IISER in India creates Biosantexc

Research Management - 23.06.2023
Leiden Ranking 2023: Highlighting Sorbonne University’s continued commitment to Open Access

Research Management - Event - 30.05.2023
Event AMIDEX, IDEAL Take part in CEDRE’s webinar on securing your research data

Life Sciences - Research Management - 22.05.2023
Biosantexc - Official kick-off meeting of the project

Research Management - Social Sciences - 06.04.2023
For a trustworthy, responsible and open science
University Jean Bouvier d'Yvoire, in charge of the mission "Science that is trustworthy, responsible and open," discusses the stakes for our University and the importance of being attentive to the scientific process in a rapidly changing society.

Research Management - 31.03.2023
SCIENCE OUVERTE DIAMAS Project: OA Diamond and Institutional publishing landscape survey

Research Management - Innovation - 22.03.2023
SLICES, the first European testing platform for digital sciences
University Designed as a scientific tool for digital sciences, the SLICES platform is a unique initiative in the world.

Research Management - 28.02.2023
Aix-Marseille Université’s Position Paper on Horizon Europe mid-term evaluation

Research Management - 01.02.2023
THE 2023: ENS de Lyon is ranked among the most international institutions

Career - Research Management - 31.01.2023
2022 ERC Consolidator grants: a recipient at ENS de Lyon

Research Management - 19.01.2023
Research SCIENCE OUVERTE, DRV Aix Marseille Unviersité signs the COARA agreement for a reform of research evaluation

Event - Research Management - 16.12.2022
The 2022 European Étoile Trophy rewards the Prometheus project

Campus - Research Management - 16.12.2022
Creation of Biosantexc, a Franco-Indian campus in life and health sciences

Research Management - Physics - 04.10.2022
The CNRS and the University of Tokyo launch a new international research centre
The CNRS and the University of Tokyo launch a new international research centre

Research Management - Health - 29.09.2022
Sorbonne University builds on its real estate assets and renovates its research facilities

Research Management - 22.09.2022
International DRI Aix-Marseille University pursues its internationalization strategy towards the Mediterranean and Africa

Research Management - Career - 20.09.2022
SCIENCE OUVERTE DIAMAS receives grant to develop Diamond Open Access publishing in Europe

Research Management - Earth Sciences - 17.08.2022
2022 Shanghai Rankings: Sorbonne University in the Top 10 Worldwide by Academic Subject

Campus - Research Management - 27.07.2022
DRI CIVIS Alliance: EU approves funding for four more years of academic cooperation

Research Management - Environment - 13.07.2022
The SOUND project wins the 2nd wave of the ’ExcellenceS in all its forms’ funding call

Computer Science - Research Management - 12.07.2022
Release of largest trained open-science multilingual language model ever
Release of largest trained open-science multilingual language model ever
Language models are AI systems whose primary applications concern natural (i.e., human) language.

Research Management - 11.07.2022
Scientific cooperation projects between France and India - New Delhi meetings

Research Management - 05.07.2022
Leiden Rankings: Sorbonne University at the Top

Research Management - 10.06.2022
Sorbonne University Moves Up 12 Places in 2023 QS Rankings

Research Management - Earth Sciences - 09.06.2022
ENS de Lyon performs among the best 8% universities worldwide according to 2023 QS World University Rankings

Research Management - 05.05.2022
AMPIRIC AMPIRIC Scientific day & resource restitution

Research Management - 11.04.2022
Sorbonne University Moves Up in the QS World University Rankings

Research Management - 07.04.2022
The Patients’ University: the Inauguration of the Skills and Vulnerabilities Chair