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Chemistry - Materials Science - 07.11.2022
A technology that 'sees' inside commercial batteries
A technology that ’sees’ inside commercial batteries
Controlling and studying the chemistry of batteries is crucial to improving their design. Scientists have developed an optical fibre based method for monitoring the evolving chemistry of a commercial battery in real time during charging and discharging. These results pave the way for easier and improved battery design.

Chemistry - Physics - 02.11.2022
Plastics response to extreme stretching
By coupling a tensile machine and an in situ dielectric measurement, physicists from Lyon (ENS de Lyon Physicis Laboratory and MATEIS) have made a breakthrough in understanding the molecular reorganizations that allow a polymer film to stretch. The results of this study are published in the journal Macromolecules .

Life Sciences - Chemistry - 19.10.2022
How can digital data stored as DNA be manipulated?
Data can be encoded as DNA but are difficult to process thereafter. A new method enables operations to be performed on DNA-encoded data directly, without having to first translate them into their electronic equivalent. DNA can be used to reliably store a vast amount of digital data. However, retrieval or manipulation of specific data encoded in these molecules has hitherto been difficult.

Chemistry - 03.06.2022
Ensuring pollen survival: When putting on your coat becomes a collaborative activity
Publication of the RDP in the journal PNAS on May 24, 2022. CNRS-INSB communication on May 30, 2022. Pollen viability depends on a tough external barrier called the pollen wall. Pollen wall components are produced by tapetum cells, which surround developing pollen grains within the anther. Precise coordination of tapetum activity with pollen grain development is required to ensure effective pollen wall formation.

Chemistry - 24.05.2022
Toward new degradable polymers
Toward new degradable polymers
Vinyl polymers, commonly referred to as "plastics," are ubiquitous materials. They are extremely interesting for their ease of synthesis and their great diversity in terms of architecture and functionality.